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What is Kodi/Xbmc?

TV is quite old-fashioned, there is something new to step up, which can allow you to enter the
crazy world of technology and its advancements. Kodi is one such platform that endows the users
with a plethora of options to explore in the entertainment world. Scroll down to know a bit more
about this software.

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Cord cutting can sound scary at first, with a ton of options and decisions to make, but we hope this article will help you find out that cord cutting is surprisingly easy. In fact, you may already have most, if not everything, you need. We want to be here to help you cancel cable TV and stream content online, so you pay less and still get all your shows.

Buffering Issues with IPTV Supplier? Subject: Misconceptions in Streaming.

When Choosing your choice of Cable Alternatives There are a lot of misconceptions in the streaming world about what buffering is, what causes it, why it happens and how to help avoid it. So we wanted to write an article addressing some of the causes of buffering and how to help minimize it, Please note that I did not say eliminate it as this is impossible. Everyone will Claim they have a NO Buffer Service which is a Lie.